Friday, January 4, 2013

Jan 4, 2013

 Yesterday I went to the Musuem of Modern Art in NYC to see the abstraction show.  This is an excellent presentation, I highly recommend seeing it even if you are familiar with the topic.  Also the free narrator guide was great.

After that I went to Green Street to see ceramics by Lidya Buzio.......check out her work, excellent.

Then I went to one of my favorite places, NY Central art supply, their paper department.  If you have never been there, this is a really cool NYC place, nothing like it.  They have every kind of paper you can imagine, and they really know their stuff.  Also they are emphatic about keeping every sheet pristine which is a level of professionalism I don't see everywhere.
 These prints are made on a paper made of stone.  I like it better than Yupo, the stuff that was a synthetic paper which is more like a plastic sheet. 
These prints are 14"x 22".

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