Sunday, June 30, 2013


So this giantess decides that she wants to make a necklace of an old redwood tree that she passed while taking her morning stroll.  Thinking it would be easy, she grabbed the trunk and pulled with all of her might.  The tree would not yield, something she had never experienced before.
"Why are you not letting me have you tree?", she said not expecting a response.  Trees tended not to speak to her when she attempted to uproot them.  "I have very deep roots", said the tree, "and the gods of the earth protect me!".  This of course made the giantess, whose name is Tess by the way if you were curious about what her friends called her.
So the giantess, Tess, had an idea.  "If you let me take your trunk, I will leave your roots alone.  Then I will clear all the trees around you for one mile around so you can grow and have the whole forest to yourself!". 
Tess really wanted to make a necklace of the trunk of the tree.  She did this with another tree months ago but it fell off when she was jumping up and down and she felt she really looked good with a treetrunk necklace.
The tree had no intention of giving up its trunk, and kind of liked the other trees around anyway.  "I tell you what", said the tree, "I will give you this small twig that fell from me yesterday, you can make a necklace of that".  Tess thought this rediculous and went back to trying to uproot the now frustrated tree.
Suddenly a crazy weather pattern created lightning which struck poor Tess right in the noggen.  Within an instant she began shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.  Before you knew it she was 2 inches tall, looking up at the biggest tree she had ever seen.
Man she knew she was screwed.  "So Mr. Tree, is that offer for the twig still available?" whispered a now humble giantess.  "Of course", the tree replied.  So Tess shaped the necklace with care and ran off amongst the pebbles and newly discovered life amongst her former footprints......
One day the tree fell into the forest, the roots became stone, the long shadows suddenly became light upon the ground.  Tess went to the old tree and remembered once being that tall and filled with majesty......

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Photoshop after the fact........ the image at the top is the actual print from this an experiment I did some dodging and burning (photo terms for lightening and darkening selected areas of an image) and the bottom image is the result. 
Added more contrast to the light and a bit of shadowing......

Friday, June 28, 2013


So today I would like to talk about intention.  The other day I made a print that I thought looked like an aerial view of a landscape.  So I got this idea of creating a series of artworks depicting potential landing sites.  On the one hand it could be a bird seeking shelter, or an alien species looking to touch down......or a drone aircraft looking for targets......lots of possible iterations on this.....
So today I actually thought I was going to make another of these "landing site" images.  But of course that did not happen, the lines I started with became this piece.....which I think looks more like a landscape with figures.
Hopefully you are still with I could have modified this piece to look like an aerial view and continued to make this series, which could be easily described and I think would work in a gallery setting.
I did not because my personal intention as an artist is to react with each piece as an individual manifestation independent of a conceptual framework which I would then be, in effect, illustrating.
Would the "landing sites" become contrived if the intent to make them trumps the creative process.....absolutely.  I would then be using my conscious self to perpetuate the myths and prejudices which accompany my conscious view of the world, in effect I would no longer be making art.
So there it is......if you got this far, thank you for your patience......and if you have an opinion please feel free to post it..........but please be aware of your intention as you do so..........

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes I think this series I am working with foam brushes look like maps of the landscape taken from flying above and looking down.  Then I will see forms from the first person......the bottom right figure becomes a woman in profile with a really cool hat.  perhaps the yellow form top left is a tree of some kind.....

The interesting thing is how the change of attention of the viewer.........where you look, the orientation of the piece......can lead to different interpretations...the first thing I do after making the print is try to figure out which direction the piece should go in.....also I noticed that I have to give a different orientation a couple of minutes to become acclimated to my consciousness to make connections to the forms and space...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

recent stuff

 todays print.............

this is 3 states of a painting I worked on yesterday........
painting from last night at Live Art Fusion at KJ Farrells in Bellmore.........

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

june 25......

 Two prints today......this first one above was an overprint......the last layer was the red figuration to bring the piece together.  The piece below was created in between the layers of the first print........I think the idea of the red form came from the second piece.

The painting above was done yesterday......the initial green circle form was from a previous session.  This is oil on canvas.......trying to approximate the spontaneity of the prints in the paintings.  This is the first oil attempted, usually I do this in acrylic, it is a bit harder to hold the color as the acrylic dries as you work the layers........

Monday, June 24, 2013

Curiosity trumps fear every time..........

I just saw an amazing Ted talk from the author of EatPrayLove, in which she talked about how to live a creative life.........

She talks about artists creating a psychological space between their own egos and the creative impulse, and where that inspiration comes from.  The day the art becomes about the artist, the art dies for sure.  It is a collaboration between the note taker, the artist, and the spirit for lack of a better word which leads to the manifestation of the artwork, be it an image, a song, whatever.........

Curiosity trumps fear.........a recent quote from a fellow traveller............

Sunday, June 23, 2013

This Tuesday night........

Highlights of the previous week........saw Laurie Andersson twice in the city as part of the River to River festival.......brilliant stuff.  Did an art event in Huntington friday night......caught up with friends, a nice evening of cool music and art. Showed the prints I have been posting here......... Photographed a wedding yesterday......

This tuesday night I will be painting "live" as part of the Live art Fusion at KJ Farrells in Bellmore......stop by if you like, great venue for this project. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Pulled from the ashes a memory consists of pockets and zippers, fused together through a soft light upon impermanence.  Sheltered, the storm gathers strength from consistent arguments which inform the reciprocal agreement.

Dawn begins to hear the birds out her has been many years.  The reintroduction of natural beings into the synthetic environment has been yielding excellent results.  We observe her from the staging area cloaked in responsibility to the purposes thus stated.  Food is scarce, and our identities are shielded even from ourselves.  This is to prevent accidental contamination of the potential gene pool.

Arranging the flowers to resemble a formation of individual family members in a moment of contemplation.  For this is the way of the enlightenment, searching for balance and peaceful natural integration.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Peace out..........

She left without saying goodby.  I of course had no idea what was going on, what else is new.  So now I will move to a place where it rains a lot.  Hopefully the roof will hold.

It was never easy, they all told me.  Looking back of course I had planned to eradicate the problems and leave a simple path to self actualization, but of course that never really happened.  Roads narrow into complacency once the codependent relationship dissolves into petty confrontation.

Today the sun exploded all over the face of a child with enormous empathy.  Secure in its own sense of destiny, the infant crawled over to confront the energy emitted with a somnambulant resignation not unknown for his peers.  When the moon hits your eye..........

Night comes too soon, as there isn't any daylight I said the sun exploded.  Not much to do these days, or are they nights, I do not know how to comprehend this new paradim

So she calls me after a couple of months and wants to play out the last of her cards, the two of diamonds she says.......

I reach for the encyclopedia which has been transformed into a belt buckle as all the information is at the tip of my fingers.  I have encrusted many rhinestones to make it more appealing to the mall set which are my primary customers.  I hope to sell well over 10 thousand of these babies over the course of my professional lifetime.

Sorry I have to run, the limo is outside and I must catch the plane to the ship which is due to arrive before the sun explodes and I will not be able to write this after the fact.  Peace out........

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

A dense array of transistors and resistors
Collected to create a current piece of art
Controlled by the government
Participating in freedom and individual initiative

Solar collectors at the end of the street
Fermenting revolution through enabling sober introspection

Party till you drop
Spell inconsistency with apparent disdain for the others who might get hurt
Brandishing a weapon meant solely for defense
Yet unencumbered by any sense of guilt or remorse

Portraits in a narrow hallway
Call out for your attention

Hidden within the narrative
A subtle reminder of what you have become
Insists on your attention
Smelling of lavender and warm rain.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2 states.

This is the final of today's print.........

This is the first state of the print....I thought it was a bit light and lacking in definition......the second state mainly focused on bringing up the two smaller figures in the foreground and deepening the background colors...I overprinted the yellow floating object........

This is yesterdays print.......I somehow forgot to post this yesterday.......

Monday, June 17, 2013


Home Run!

Sit back and relax a while
While I tell you a story of nuanced diversion

Halted at a rest stop, found out about the collusion
Settled on a name, indifferent to public opinion

Crossed off the list another important obstacle

At the home game
A situation arises which defines expectations

Shallow conversation betrays infinite accomplishments
While the poet lifts his pen a compromise is negotiated

This is how it is done, for better or worse

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Another World.......

This is a quick video I put together of last months images.............

Today's print........really another world..........

Saturday, June 15, 2013

needs something..........

Two prints for this morning..........this first one I chose to leave a lot of white space.....thought the second one would follow the same parameters........just felt compelled to fill up the my head said leave it alone..........just felt it "needed something".........

Friday, June 14, 2013

Earth Torn Assunder

Hi upon a plane
Sequestered beneath the protection of a sun
Sits a formidable component of individual freedom
Secure in its resolute convictions

Impervious to the perils of modern convenience
Situated to influence those of similar aptitude
Artists refrain from their normal complacency
Awaiting a signal to acquire the need to self expression

Earth torn assunder
Opening a deep chasm to the energy held deep inside
Shouting from every balcony
Long live the prosperity state!

Folding time into neat little packages
Address those questions which seek resolution
High on a mountain peak
Informed with the convictions which seem so resolute there........

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Red Tiger.

Red Tiger

Red Tiger
Red Tiger

Won't you come out to play
Seek out the patient with the yellow cover

Tearing a phone book with your bear hands
Howl at the moon with the wonder of nature

Still you go to the edge of the world
Hurling memories into the heavens

Red Tiger, Red Tiger
Go home and forget the future

For it has been fortold
Of your imminent demise

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Real Space........

Funny how this one evolved.......first I had the idea of the table........then a glass wall partition on the left........then a figure in front of the partition........oh yeah I forgot the picture on the wall came right after the table.......just kind of went with the ideas about the space and figures within it......

So that being said, I am trying to figure out if I will find this space somewhere in the city today..........a premonition perhaps?  I will let you know.  But I do think it addresses how art functions in a space and how we interact with it in real space instead of virtual space.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Foam Brushes.........

Today's print.......using a foam brush on the plexi....started with the space definition, I think this works best, start with the setting and then see what happens.......

This is the first layer, the under painting of the piece I am working on, it is about 5 x7 feet.....I will continue to refine this layer......after this it will be transparent glazes over to create the color layers....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sci Fi..........

So I have been thinking about what a soul might be......what if you were able to transfer all of yourself into a fetus.........your entire consciousness.  The infant is born with all of your memories, experiences, have a new body........a limitless horizon.

And yet, even if the fetus has your DNA, is it you, are you "you" or a different entity altogether, being inhabited by your memories?  Can the two live symbiotically, or will there be a conflict between the two entities?

Sunday, June 9, 2013



Sit a while in the same place
Hands against two plates
Vibrating at a rate consistent with the sound of your breath

Movement slows to an inperceptable rate
Challenged a man stretches out his arms
Embracing destiny with peaceful dignity

And this is how it ends
And this is how it begins
This is peace.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

video of process

So this video shows how this piece was least the steps I have gone through so far......
I may add to the image, not sure if it is done yet............

Thursday, June 6, 2013



So you think it is all right
Fast motors speeding, abandoned buildings flash by

Melting ice caps warm the coldest heart
On her shoulders lies great responsibility

Systematic retention of dire information
While the leaves slowly decompose

Making a soft patch for my feet, cool delicious
Reach up for the not quite ripe cherries

Close my eyes
Spirits close by suspend belief

Choose not to remember
Predators seek shelter from remembering......

Dust to dust
We return to our roots.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simplify and be more positive.

I went through a couple of prints to get to this one........the others were complicated and not very good I think.......then I went simple.......
So I was told I was very negative to work on this........

These 4 are paintings I have been working on lately........... I had sent them in to the Islip Art Museum for maybe being in a show, thought I would post them today.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Three prints this morning.  I am working with different papers.......the one I was using is just too expensive right now.....
The second print was made with the ink left over from the first, the third print used some of the forms from the second as its basis.  This is generally how I work when I am doing a series at one time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Good save..........

 Started this print yesterday......the ink had dried so the print was very light.  This morning I coated medium on the plexi surface and reprinted and I think saved the image........
This print is from this morning........

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Today's piece looks to me like a chrysalis.......a figure in transformation. 

I have found many references to the insect world in this series of images.......ants, butterflies, ones I cannot identify.  Recently I found that amphibians are quickly disappearing from the planet........pretty upsetting.

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