Tuesday, September 29, 2015



Suddenly I am afraid
Of Death
I am afraid
Of dying

Suddenly I hear a sound
Covered in a memory, bright and clear
I am covered
In a memory

I am redeemed
Facing a mask of death

He stares at me
Tells me to hurry up
Do what needs to be done
The clock is ticking

Shaman dances slowly
Goes crazy
Really crazy
I am really scared

I see the light
I see the day
I am relieved
I am still here

Painted into a golden box
Covered by thoughts of you
Warm against the cool evening breeze

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sook Naya

today's meditation........

sook naya
been gaba
roka gina
familiar faces

beeka zoon
raiza formica
done for now
continue later

there and back
parry thrust
impeccable taste

run if you can
run run run
each breath
further and further

sook naya
been gaba
social animals
interior conversations

laced up tidy
packaged for discussion
sent to another land
marked fragile

forming a shape
between her hands
tossed on the fire
becomes a meal

shared in conversation
embraced as delightful
sook naya been gaba
start of the day.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Toys in the Attic.


this reclining figure seems to be an amalgamation of different toys.......one hand is a wing, the other human........no feet but a bird head for legs...petting a cat but not particularly happy.  I think the figure on the left is an observer, not judging but insulated from the environment around him.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

more along the next coloring book......

today's drawing.........something along the lines of religious devotion.........the figures in the back are the bishops all in a row..........

a couple more photos of the clothes on my model friends........

Friday, September 18, 2015


In this piece we see a figure holding a table filled with figures, effortlessly.  On the table there is a tree like person with a birdman whispering in his ear.  Another bird cranes to the sky as it is being examined cynically.

Below the table figures go about their daily routine aware of the balancing act above.

All of this goes on as the world they inhabit is being created at the same time.....beyond the edges of their reality and the sheet of paper.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

transition phase

I started working on new images for t shirts.  These are intermediate sketches from the last week or so.

This has been one of those weird weeks, I call them transition weeks, when I am not sure what to do next.  I have been painting clothes and making new canvas for the winter.....3 large pieces that I hand stretch.  I also purchased wood panels that I will prepare and start new drawings.

I find I have to dig deep and work through these weeks, I usually feel down and that the whole project is hopeless during these times.  Perhaps I should find a full time job for a while, change where I live, that kind of thing.  I find that hoping for something to come along is a really bad idea, as that usually does not happen.  As long as the work is interesting it pulls me out of this depression and I keep going forward.

Thought I would post this to those going through these transition phases.......

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Started the day with a yoga class.  Came back and edited the two weddings from this weekend, went to send them out to their studios.....lunch pizza.

Came back, started stretching a new canvas.  One in progress I used pva glue over the rabbit skin glue to create a second barrier.  I will apply the first layer of primer tomorrow morning.

I worked on the art clothes a bit, trying to commit more time to this project.  I was supposed to shoot models tomorrow for the Instagram project but it has been moved to next monday.  I did see the design for the dye sublimation fall dress, gave approval and it should be in production........
this is the design for the dress.  I am making 10 pieces, see how it goes....

I took a nap and am having trouble going to sleep this evening.  I did go to the cinema and saw a great film of blues performances.......

well thats it for today....

making things 3D

This image is a digital file from the past that I did the shading and shadowing on the past couple of days.  I think these forms would make cool sculptures and am thinking of how I can do this.

Today I will work on making new canvas for larger pieces.  I have stretched the linen and will get the next step going, making the glue and applying the gesso, over the next week or so.  Also working a bit on the clothing this week.

More to post as photos become ready to show.......

Saturday, September 5, 2015

odds and ends......

tonight is a quiet night between photo gigs.......I am at home looking over pieces I started and never finished, pieces I did not think worked that well....whatever.  This one I worked on this evening and thought I would post in this state.

usually I would now redraw this image to "clean it up", choose the color and prepare for shading.  I still might.......

a t shirt design that did not go forward......

 one more line piece........

Friday, September 4, 2015

gallery 776 new space!

These images are from a gallery opening.....group show at gallery 776 in Bushwick last night.....

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