Saturday, January 12, 2013

jan 12.......

A late posting for today.......Jan 12th.  I photographed a wedding this other career, great couple in their 70's or so very happy people! 
This drawing was originally sketched in April of 2012 and today I did the vector work.  Trying to develop subtle relationships between the warm and cool colors.......especially the foreground red figure. 

I spent yesterday afternoon going first to PS1 which is part of the Museum of Modern Art in Long Island City.  Some excellent work you would not see otherwise I think.  Then went to openings in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Really nice people there and more accessible than the city for the most part. 
I saw some excellent detailed drawings at Pierogi gallery which I recommend checking out if you are in that neighborhood.  I will start bringing my camera around and post photos from my excursions from now on............

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