Sunday, January 27, 2013


Originally I had this piece 180 degrees around, but thought the figure on the left floating was more interesting.  Looking at it as I post it I think I could have done more with the flames coming from the wall at left or something.  Makes me think of the horrible fire in Brazil last evening which killed so many.

I watched a piece about WeiWei......the Chinese dissident artist this morning.  The works are about protest of a repressive country and regime.  I admire this type of work, but wonder about its effects.  If you challenge a bully doesn't it harden their positions......the final outcome can only be the survivor of one or the other it seems.

What I am thinking about is changing the psychological perceptions of your opponent through the creation of art instead of provoking their anger.  Art can be subversive in that way, if the context of the repressor is challenged in their own minds, they will be converted organically.  Maybe I am just naive to think this kind of change can be manifest, perhaps the oppressor will use the creative process to further manifest their own justifications for their behavior.......

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