Friday, April 24, 2015

new pair of jeans.......

Jeans....womans size 6............$650 including shipping............I will also do commissions if anyone is interested......these started as white jeans.........

Monday, April 20, 2015

Toronto art fair.

So busy couple of days.  On Thursday of last week went up to the Toronto Art Fair with Space 776 gallery in Bushwick.  Great city, great fair........but unfortunately no sales. Such is the life of an artist these days.  Put a lot of time and money (lots of money) into this, so it was  a disappointment.  Perhaps I had shown this new work too early.  Hard to say.  I did show the art jacket and had older cards, the public seemed to respond to the older work and maybe I had a mixed message.

this was the booth from the fair.

It is a learning curve at any rate.......I am trying to figure out where to put my energy now to make some sales and get through the year.
on Saturday I did another event, here in NY wearing my art clothes.....Here my friend Judy is wearing a dress from the monoprint behind......

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Toronto Art Fair this week.

Off to the Toronto affordable art fair tomorrow, I will be there Thursday and Friday......stop by if
you are in the can contact me at my e-mail if you have any questions as to where and when the fair is being held.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

3 stages

this is 3 stages of this piece so far....I will let it dry before going into it again.....if I try to overpaint I will loose some of the detail that I would like to retain beneath the glaze....

Friday, April 10, 2015

weekly wrap up.

Weekly wrap up.......

Framed this piece for the art fair in Toronto.....cutting molding into the night.......but it alas, did not make the have to find a place on the wall of Krasowitz gallery and sometimes home......

the new t shirts came in from Hong Kong yesterday........they did an amazing job.  These shirts are printed then sown, so there is no problem with wrinkles on the shirt where no ink can cover......I have 7 of 5 I have to try to sell them.

this painting was originally acrylic, completed sometime last year.......I did a layer of oil glaze on it this week........I like the idea of figurative space, I will start a new one from this piece this weekend.

A pretty productive week in general, and I am looking forward to being in Toronto for a couple of days next week for the affordable art fair there.

Next up is the Select art fair in NYC in May, have to focus on that now........

Thursday, April 9, 2015

what would it look like?

What if the ground you are standing on suddenly gave way.  Not in the normal physical way, but suddenly you just became  part of the ground.....or like the ground itself was no longer solid, you were not solid, and you existed in this state for a while

How would your mind come to terms with this?  What if time did not just exist in a linear fashion, but had a third tangential dimension?  What if time itself had a form, like a hexagon, or a wave that injected itself into different unforseen dimensions?

Is there the potential for man to reach a state of consciousness where we can perceive these non linear tracts of awareness?  What would it look like?

Sunday, April 5, 2015


second and first state on this painting.  I had done the acrylic first stage a while back......actually forgot about these pieces and found them in storage while looking for something for the show in May........

I think it is an interesting exercise to go over a previous thing......the new state has to exist on its own, but hold to the feeling and ideas of the first state......I guess if I do a lot more of these I will finally become comfortable with this process........

there are 3 of these......starting on the third will be a triptich..........

Saturday, April 4, 2015

added words

added words last night for the first time in many years to a painting......

this is where it was last night.......worked it up this morning.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Coloring Book

today's painting is an overpainting of a previous work........
this is the previous state of this painting..........I wanted to sharpen focus on the figures and deepen the colors to bring out the forms.........

This is a coloring book I created from vector drawings from this year.  They are available for $10 each if anyone is interested.......please leave a comment or email me at

Thursday, April 2, 2015


America sings for its supper
Along a road filled with remorse and
If you think I will forgive you
For what you have done
For what you have done

Leave this place
Do not look back
Or I will turn into a monster
You will wish you were stone
For what you have done

To this glorious land
Desecrated by your greed
Your senseless drive along this road
Straight to the heart of darkness
Where nothing but you are left

To ponder what once was
This glorious land
Where harmony once created balance
Where there was no want
The eternal soul of a place laid waste.

America sing for forgiveness
Before the night comes and the darkness begins
Shine in accomplishment and diversity
Breathe the air of forgiveness and drive out the pain
Embrace a coalition of those who can create
A beacon to ignorance and fear

I am waiting at a bus station
Cherie holds tightly to a threadbare bundle
Apprehensive and shy
Ready for adventure
With nothing left to loose

There is something to bus stations at night
Where people from everywhere converge
To go somewhere else
To disappear
To become someone else

Shadows on the road from people searching
Looking for America
Looking for the dream
She plays a quiet song

Souls looking for America.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


April 16 Toronto Affordable art fair
May 14-17 Select Art Fair NYC.

Today busy making frames for the paintings for Toronto......tomorrow I start work on framing the piece for the NY show.......

Today's piece is an oil on oil paper.......trying to keep things really loose.......

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