Thursday, July 18, 2013


These are the 3 "states" of today's print.  The original idea was to create a very simple image today.....just the yellow background and the green shape.....leaving the white of the paper in the background.  I am not sure why I put the blue in, perhaps I thought it was a bit "thin" looking.
For some reason I did not feel that the composition was strong enough to call it a morning, and overprinted a magenta in the top area and a second layer of yellow in the bottom field.  I used the roller to recreate the shape, and paper towel to maintain the highlights in the figure area.
Again, it looked flat to me and decided to go with one more layer. I rolled blue above and used a brush for the yellow area above......After wiping out the area for the figure again, I decided to create a second figure which would just remove this new layer of color to reveal the colors from the previous layers....

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