Wednesday, July 10, 2013


So what do we know?

I think we can be pretty certain that anyone who tells us stuff they have no way of knowing are pretty much full of themselves and really are just looking for power.

I think we know that if we keep Fracking the lands under the watersheds eventually there will be a horrible accident where thousands if not millions will die.  And the land will become unusable for generations........ can you refute this?

You cannot sustain spending more than you make for very long until you are indebted for a very long time.  The owner of the debt has power over you and can control your life.

The earth is a closed ecosystem.

If there is a spirit world, and that is a big if, we have no idea what is going on there or how it relates to what is happening there.  At best we can speculate.

If there is no spirit world, we better get our shit together as a species or we will wind up wiping ourselves out.

Hmm anything else?  I went to Lincoln Center in NY yesterday and saw Monkey, Journey to the West......a spectacular event showing some of the best mankind can offer......pretty cool.

second print today.........

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