Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The End

DEc this month I went to Art Basel in Miami. I went to the main fair and saw a pyramid made of rolls of Toilet Paper. So I thought it was some kind of inside joke or something. Then as I walked away I overheard a man say to his wife...."thats a tower of toilet paper, right?", like he could not believe it, really, thought it was ridiculous. 
So what is being reviewed in the NY times today, by Roberta Smith, the critic with the most influence in the city? You know here insight? That the center of the rolls made a black circle, which gives extra significance to the minimalist work.
Yesterday I had a conversation with a gallery owner who thought it was funny that a pet goat headbut a child knocking him to the floor. And was incredulous when I said it was not funny.
I know these rants guarantee that I would never have a shot in the art world, but at this point I am pretty indifferent if not a bit confused by the whole thing anyway.

Kind of like the idea of the light color printed first then overprinting on the second pass.  That is how these 2 were created. 

These 2 are acrylic paintings done at the QAS event at Webster Hall monday night.

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