Monday, December 30, 2013

Goals and expectations.

We have now left the space/time realm that you consider reality.  That reality is a construct which no longer has any meaning to virtually anyone except for the owners and seekers of power.
The spirit world is seeking to reconfigure the "world of men" into a form which will allow nature and man to exist in union before the destruction is irreversable.
What are the new rules and parameters of the society yet to be formed?  How will these transformations take place, and what will be the backlash created by those in power who will inevitably be pushed aside by these forces?
I believe we should start to consider the possibilities that this kind of future will come to pass.  Artists have been fortelling this kind of eventually for years now.  The sychophantic artists pandering to the ruling class will eventually be considered obsolete, if they have not already......the wealth and value of these commercial products and the intellectual backbone will collapse under historical scrutiny.

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