Sunday, June 30, 2013


So this giantess decides that she wants to make a necklace of an old redwood tree that she passed while taking her morning stroll.  Thinking it would be easy, she grabbed the trunk and pulled with all of her might.  The tree would not yield, something she had never experienced before.
"Why are you not letting me have you tree?", she said not expecting a response.  Trees tended not to speak to her when she attempted to uproot them.  "I have very deep roots", said the tree, "and the gods of the earth protect me!".  This of course made the giantess, whose name is Tess by the way if you were curious about what her friends called her.
So the giantess, Tess, had an idea.  "If you let me take your trunk, I will leave your roots alone.  Then I will clear all the trees around you for one mile around so you can grow and have the whole forest to yourself!". 
Tess really wanted to make a necklace of the trunk of the tree.  She did this with another tree months ago but it fell off when she was jumping up and down and she felt she really looked good with a treetrunk necklace.
The tree had no intention of giving up its trunk, and kind of liked the other trees around anyway.  "I tell you what", said the tree, "I will give you this small twig that fell from me yesterday, you can make a necklace of that".  Tess thought this rediculous and went back to trying to uproot the now frustrated tree.
Suddenly a crazy weather pattern created lightning which struck poor Tess right in the noggen.  Within an instant she began shrinking and shrinking and shrinking.  Before you knew it she was 2 inches tall, looking up at the biggest tree she had ever seen.
Man she knew she was screwed.  "So Mr. Tree, is that offer for the twig still available?" whispered a now humble giantess.  "Of course", the tree replied.  So Tess shaped the necklace with care and ran off amongst the pebbles and newly discovered life amongst her former footprints......
One day the tree fell into the forest, the roots became stone, the long shadows suddenly became light upon the ground.  Tess went to the old tree and remembered once being that tall and filled with majesty......

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