Friday, June 28, 2013


So today I would like to talk about intention.  The other day I made a print that I thought looked like an aerial view of a landscape.  So I got this idea of creating a series of artworks depicting potential landing sites.  On the one hand it could be a bird seeking shelter, or an alien species looking to touch down......or a drone aircraft looking for targets......lots of possible iterations on this.....
So today I actually thought I was going to make another of these "landing site" images.  But of course that did not happen, the lines I started with became this piece.....which I think looks more like a landscape with figures.
Hopefully you are still with I could have modified this piece to look like an aerial view and continued to make this series, which could be easily described and I think would work in a gallery setting.
I did not because my personal intention as an artist is to react with each piece as an individual manifestation independent of a conceptual framework which I would then be, in effect, illustrating.
Would the "landing sites" become contrived if the intent to make them trumps the creative process.....absolutely.  I would then be using my conscious self to perpetuate the myths and prejudices which accompany my conscious view of the world, in effect I would no longer be making art.
So there it is......if you got this far, thank you for your patience......and if you have an opinion please feel free to post it..........but please be aware of your intention as you do so..........

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