Thursday, May 2, 2013

parallel minds

So I have been going off on a riff today about how the conscious mind can be self destructive, even though its main purpose is to help in survival I think.

I was watching a video from a woman who felt that her public speaking engagement was a total disaster and listed her numerous insecurities.  She thought of how people perceived her, and went through every iteration of self analysis possible.  I have done this so many times I got what she was doing, and realized how difficult it is to unwind from this logical path.

So why does the mind need to do this?  Or is it a design flaw? 

I have found I manifest this when creating artwork as well.  Even though I have done this for years, the voice creeps in.......especially if I am creating in a public environment.  Is this a fear based (survivalist) reaction to threatening stimulus, therefore the paranoia is justified, just not understood?
What I mean is that we try to reconcile what we are feeling with what the environment is telling us on a subconscious level.

What would a society look like if there was a mutual search for transcendent ideals where many of these negative manifestations were eliminated through the intent of peaceful identification and dissolution through behavior modifications self imposed?

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