Sunday, December 23, 2012

painting process.

 Thought I would show the studio this morning and talk a bit about the painting process.  Currently on this painting I am creating the first stages of the "underpainting".  I am working with 3 tones, 3 colors at this point.  Yellow oxide, blue oxide and white.  I am using venetian medium to thin the colors.
 The first step is to create the forms....I will do this with either oil pencil or a thin wash of paint.  Then I use the yellow oxide to lay in the forms....using a rag to wipe out the highlights. The next step is the darks to establish light direction and volume. 
Finally at this stage I will recreate the highlights using white without the medium.  As you can see from this image the areas to the right have not been touched at all.  I try to do all these stages complete before moving onto the next stage to keep things more organized. 

Once I get this done the next stage is to lay in thin glazes of color meant to unify the central areas as well as create a sense of space.

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