Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dec30, 2012

 Dec 20,2012

I pulled these 3 prints this morning...........

 This is a piece of linoleum which I have done the drawing on for the most part.  I will start cutting this piece this week.......I am planning to do this as a reduction lino cut I do the stages I will post the progress.

This project has been something I have been thinking
about for a while now.  The painting is created on aluminum to start.  The idea is to make the painting vibrate as the viewer approaches the piece on the wall.

My friend Josh Weitman, a fine woodworker, helped me design the case, which holds the painting in place with springs on either side of the piece.
This is the back of this contraption.  I have mounted vibrating motors to the back of the aluminum and am running it off of AA batteries. 

OK, so far the thing is not vibrating like I had envisioned. I will contact the engineer on the project, Mr Evert Smith, to reconsider how the image is held in place to see if there is a way to do this......or perhaps start over. 

Any ideas from viewers would of course be appreciated!

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