Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dec 29' 2012

 Today I pulled two very different prints, these shown here......
 Last night I had a great and enlightening conversation with a young artist from Uruguay named Andrea De Souza Rocha. It was fascinating to learn of her influences, Russian Constructivism as well as number theory and how it translates to her work. 

 Fibonacci sequences can be seen all over the work and act as a metaphor for compositional relationships.  Her references to this were pretty cool in that the artist Thea Lanzisero was also influenced by these progressions.
 The influence of Russian Constructivism was really interesting to me, in the US it seems we are more into Pop or Dada influences in most well known art.  Also she has the idea of using what seems to be a mostly male conceptual framework and use it to express her own personal story.
 You can see her work on facebook......she will be doing a multi city exhibition in Europe this spring.

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