Friday, April 10, 2015

weekly wrap up.

Weekly wrap up.......

Framed this piece for the art fair in Toronto.....cutting molding into the night.......but it alas, did not make the have to find a place on the wall of Krasowitz gallery and sometimes home......

the new t shirts came in from Hong Kong yesterday........they did an amazing job.  These shirts are printed then sown, so there is no problem with wrinkles on the shirt where no ink can cover......I have 7 of 5 I have to try to sell them.

this painting was originally acrylic, completed sometime last year.......I did a layer of oil glaze on it this week........I like the idea of figurative space, I will start a new one from this piece this weekend.

A pretty productive week in general, and I am looking forward to being in Toronto for a couple of days next week for the affordable art fair there.

Next up is the Select art fair in NYC in May, have to focus on that now........

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