Thursday, April 2, 2015


America sings for its supper
Along a road filled with remorse and
If you think I will forgive you
For what you have done
For what you have done

Leave this place
Do not look back
Or I will turn into a monster
You will wish you were stone
For what you have done

To this glorious land
Desecrated by your greed
Your senseless drive along this road
Straight to the heart of darkness
Where nothing but you are left

To ponder what once was
This glorious land
Where harmony once created balance
Where there was no want
The eternal soul of a place laid waste.

America sing for forgiveness
Before the night comes and the darkness begins
Shine in accomplishment and diversity
Breathe the air of forgiveness and drive out the pain
Embrace a coalition of those who can create
A beacon to ignorance and fear

I am waiting at a bus station
Cherie holds tightly to a threadbare bundle
Apprehensive and shy
Ready for adventure
With nothing left to loose

There is something to bus stations at night
Where people from everywhere converge
To go somewhere else
To disappear
To become someone else

Shadows on the road from people searching
Looking for America
Looking for the dream
She plays a quiet song

Souls looking for America.

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