Monday, April 20, 2015

Toronto art fair.

So busy couple of days.  On Thursday of last week went up to the Toronto Art Fair with Space 776 gallery in Bushwick.  Great city, great fair........but unfortunately no sales. Such is the life of an artist these days.  Put a lot of time and money (lots of money) into this, so it was  a disappointment.  Perhaps I had shown this new work too early.  Hard to say.  I did show the art jacket and had older cards, the public seemed to respond to the older work and maybe I had a mixed message.

this was the booth from the fair.

It is a learning curve at any rate.......I am trying to figure out where to put my energy now to make some sales and get through the year.
on Saturday I did another event, here in NY wearing my art clothes.....Here my friend Judy is wearing a dress from the monoprint behind......

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