Monday, March 9, 2015

new T_Shirt

New T-shirt........I painted this with metallic fabric paint.  It seems to hold the color when heat setting much better than the traditional colors.

I am finding the drawing to be pretty interesting on the attire, very different than when drawing on paper or canvas.

As you know if you read my blog, I never know what is going to manifest when I draw.  It is a bit scary to work this way......I think I am repeating myself but something unique always seems to come out. And each material I work with seems to lead to different results........fascinating......

This is a monoprint I made today.......large paper 30x40 inches.  The first layer was a texture layer made with plastic wrap.  I am not sure if it is finished, I am considering another overlayer but do not want to ruin what I have here.

 these are the second and third state of todays print.

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