Monday, October 21, 2013

october21 2013

So I am thinking about what our contemporary social contract looks like......

what are the parameters of our interrelationships?  Seems to me we are trying to balance our inherent distrust and cynicism (perhaps this is just me projecting) with an optimism that the negative survival characteristics are countered by our compassion and hope to get along.
so the basic rule is to trust, go forward, but do not get taken, play hardball where necessary, and kind of hope there is some higher purpose somewhere in the background to make it all worth while.......

insecure people need power to control others, thereby securing their security....ugh, I know this needs work. but it shows a lot about how our cultural pecking order seems to work.  or am I wrong and excellent people run things and create environments of trust with people and everything flourishes in peace and harmony.

this is what I would like to find, for sure, and have been thinking about major fundimental changes in the way I live and work. 

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