Wednesday, February 13, 2013

abstract characters

 Early this morning.......say around 2am I was turned onto a blog by Michael Jacobson about what he calls asemic writing (  The idea behind this is to create an abstract visual language which functions independent of our use of symbols to create direct communication. 
I have been reading an thinking about this a bit lately, how something said is contingent on what was said before, how words need context.
So I got excited to see this work, as well as the work of my friend Marie Kazalia who is working with Kanji script in a somewhat tangential manor.

I have been experimenting with this process for many years.  The page above is a project I was working on when I first started making artwork as a way to create an abstract visual language.  I think they work on a subliminal level to unlock the potential subconscious expression of thought.
 These two pieces were created today.  I had considered using the abstract script in the work itself, but thought that this concept is inherent in the image.  The interpretation of the image is subjective......even the orientation of the paper is conditional on how I perceive the intent of the original composition and how I perceive it after the creation process.
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