Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Coasting through time
Catching a big wave
Riding the tube like a wormhole
Into a futuristic city

Everything is really clean
The air is super clean
There are a lot of floating vehicles
The fashion is retro Jetsons

It is an illusion of course
I see the poverty at the perimeter
It is a clear line
As If I were standing on a stage or something

It’s  funny there are no people around today
Perhaps it is Sunday, and people are at the park
Eating brightly colored ice pops
And watching strawberries float in the sky

They are lighter than air by the way and disappear
Into the sun
Where they probably explode
Into the space between planets

We possess the ability to step into the timeline
Slow it down, speed it up
Dance upon the moment, the edge of the
The edge of the outer universe

I double down on reality
Amidst the pull
To floating again
While the song plays again, over and over

It is a sign
Impressions held to the cheek
So much further to go
Feels like an eternity

I am thinking of the listener
The cadence of the breath
We go as far as we can together
Sometimes we part sadly

I stop myself and look up
Stars spinning
I am spinning

Again I will find myself
As a red wind reveals black lines
Swirling there is the silhouette
A black cat

I embrace
The bare tree
Sounds of rustling leaves
Long dead crunching

I see myself
The storm is over
I am on my back
I think it is me

The sun through clouds
So that is like kind of hazy
You know what I mean?
Bright in a weird way

I close my eyes
And let go
When we release into it
We become free of the helmet of self restriction

This helmet locks us down
To hear the sound you have to let go of thoughts
So you can hear
It is not trying to listen, it is listening.

He took a large large breath in
She calls him back
He is standing on the porch

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