Friday, February 20, 2015


It was very cold this week........spent most of the time indoors painting on clothing and drawing mostly.  Pretty much isolated.

The drawing on clothing has been interesting.  I am pulled between being spontaneous and loose, as I did painting live sunday evening at a live music outlining the drawing first and working with the line or incorporating it into the form.  It is a confusing time as I am not in any one style but moving around from idea to idea.

I am still intrigued by the idea that the images seem to form themselves........I draw a line or a shape and soon it becomes a direction with figures and intent.  Yet I am not sure if I should provide a framework......whether a horizon, or an environment......first to make the imagery stronger.  This is always the paradox of consciously trying to take control of the direction of the piece or let it emerge without intent.

So you see, it has been an interesting goal is to wrap up some of the clothing pieces as they are taking a lot of time from anything else.  I had thought the clothing idea would have me focus on making money.......but like every idea it seems to hit the same roadblock.  How do I take this idea to a market. I made a ......and have ordered a few new shirts........but now what?  The age old question.

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