Tuesday, September 23, 2014


so my work is coming back from the Houston art fair from last weekend.  No Sales!  It cost a bit
to show so I am out that money.......but what other way do artists have to put their stuff in front of the public?

I did learn a lot!  One......put return labels in your shipping to the gallery so you can get your stuff back without a hassle.  Two......get the stuff to the show on time!  Which means find out what kind of window you have to get things there.....

Most important........make sure the work has no flaws......in my case it was the edges of the pieces which had rubbed off a bit (no image, just paint to finish).......this can be a deal breaker evidently, people want perfect.  And if this means frames, make sure they are all the same and really nice.....and the work shown should all be of a consistent look and feel for the booth presentation.

So you live and learn........I will keep trying shows but will be better prepared next time.  Oh yeah, if you have a card make sure it is one of the pieces shown, not something from a previous show or something like that.....so you need time to prepare and get the details right.........its all about the details!!!

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