Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Want to loose viewers to your blog........write poetry!

The Immortal

For once in my life
I have someone that needs me.

An eternal journey yet only a moment
From here to there, preoccupied with time

A base established on a distant outpost
Radiating signals home

Living in the moment

I will return someday
To this time and this place

It is a comfort to feel this
Knowing its certainty

She comforts him with irony and displeasure
Only he knows how much she cares

Species intermingle and are inappropriate
Signaling the Immortals departure
His work is done here
Sowing the seeds of change

My room is blue
Even things red look blue here

Aided by a need to make sense
Of things irreconcilable

Shatter the framework
Of matter and form

As we reconnect with what matters
In an infinite universe

Immortality in the eyes of a child
Looking to the vastness of time

When I return here
All this will be gone

Dust and memories
For me yet a moment

Traded for the heavens

And a brief stint of immortality.

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