Sunday, April 13, 2014

Oscars Pie Shop.

Monsters and Zombies
Met the other day
At Oscars Pie Shop
On the corner of Main

Sat around laughing
At the absurdity of things
Who looked the best
In a pair of Chinos

In walked the Hippies
The Bikers
Sal from the coffee shop
Alice who never wore underwear

Joined in the conversation
Ordered Pie
And for Sal anything but Cappuccino

Everyone thought it was a strange group
To meet at a Pie shop
In the morning hours
After the end of the world

Hippies were trying to understand
What hipsters were
And why they weren’t

Zombies remember not being zombies
Which is unusual
As Zombies usually do not remember
Not being zombies, or anything for that matter

Monsters considered they were in purgatory
Pie was a metaphor for trying to comprehend the afterlife
That they were only monsters to others
They were really misunderstood

Oscar came out of the kitchen
Bringing a trey of blueberry cobbler
Sat down with the customers
To tell a story

Where once he found
Fame and fortune
Making pies
For the king and queen

Of a small country at the end of forever
Dishing out sweets
And garnishing praise
A king amongst kings they did say

He began to think
That he was so special
No one would ever eat cookies again
Forget about cake, pie ruled the day

King he did realize
Pies were a threat
Sent Oscar to the end
Where this story is told

Where Hippies and Bikers and Zombies and Monsters
Eat really good pie at the end of the world
Sent by their king to consider their plight
All victims of excess and greed

And what of the poet
With pie a la mode
Pencil in hand
Observing the scene

Let’s just say
We all look for meaning
And a good piece of pie

At the end of the road.

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