Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Come play with me on the far side of the river
Copper plate oceans and stories of wisdom
High above the dance of light
Washes across gentle hands in the surf

All the while the children grow out of their shoes
Their socks
Their pajamas
Wondering if it will ever stop

A crack in the sidewalk
Descending into the infrastructure
Below the surface
Men toil in reverence to their creator

Who holds onto their memories
Like a retaliation for past transgressions
Vindictive in a most
Benevolent way.

Lost in translation
She motions me to return
To her good graces, her benevolence
Shattered by disolusionment and envy

I am covered in grief
Sheltered from the pain self inflicted
A weapon more deadly than sin
Vibrating into the core of desire.

Swirling water creates a tunnel
I can see downward to the underworld
Above me a luminous sky
Filled with joyous possibility

For you know I cannot forget you
Radiant smile a luscious freedom
As if a dance had begun

Between sun, sea, and air.

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