Monday, March 17, 2014



As simple as things seem sometimes
Watching the end of the world
Pretending nothing is wrong
Loosening the strings on a

Ferris wheel spins under the spell
Cherished for its completeness
Situated by the edge of a story
I wish the rain would come

Trouble cannot be swept
Beneath the corridors of indifference
Like a play without words
Acted out in pantomime

Spirits shake up the dreary accord
Perchance to dream, only in stereo
Sheltered she accommodates passion
With heather and sorrow

Chastened to continue the amplitude
Set forth under the conditions of separation
Pliable taking shape to retribution
She comforts unconditionally

I leave the table
Set in a country of unknown origin
Troubled by her outrage
As I walk slowly towards danger

With armor and vocabulary
Presence and adversity
Polarized by conditions
Satisfied without opportunity

A hat full of feathers
Cannot want any more
Spiraling towards you
I sing of tomorrow

Last I will leave you
Never I will leave you
I am here


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