Saturday, January 4, 2014


So I had a really interesting but brief conversation with a friend.....somehow he felt that my process of creating was somewhat unholy........and this line of persuit was akin to the some kind of demonic possession........granted this whole thing lasted a couple of minutes.......he also said it made him very depressed for a week.

This to me is interesting, scary, and extremely interesting. The fear of the unknown was my first response.  We know that burning wood yields heat.  Yet is understanding the mechanics of the action somewhat unholy or the work of evil?

I think his point is that if an action is done without love than it is an evil intention.  The definition of love here is the key I think.  I think in his perception love is an action which in some way does not hurt the person loved.  Therefore a lie is justifiable in order to protect the innocence of the intended.  The "truth" becomes trivial in this case. So science or knowledge is at risk for being ungodly or a threat to that psychological self justification.

I am writing this now because I fear that mankind can soon go through a wave of regression due to events in the future.  I already see a huge backlash against science and technology in a time where it is desperately needed.

If my work correlates to the psychological underpinnings of human can it be a threat?  Because it is a threat to the self rationalizations which justify demonizing seeing beyond the conventions created to mitigate the fear of self or the fear of the unknown.

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