Friday, April 26, 2013

Balance point.

 These are the new prints from this mornings run... I am thinking about making a video showing the process........shooting underneath the plexiglass to show a bit of the decision making.  The top one is many layers.......could not seem to get it right.  These are on a warm japanese paper about 16x20 inches

This is the first color layer of the painting I am using on facebook as the site picture.  It was a long grind.......lots of thinking that I should be doing something making money, like this is a total waste of time........that the whole process of painting is just a self indulgent ego trip......all that stuff and still trying to figure out which color and where.
I did want the top area to move back, and contrast that space with the bottom right figure which I rendered in cool least part of it.  I am looking to use color to create some tension in the work in terms of where the balance point is.

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