Sunday, December 13, 2015


When I think I am right
I think I am probably wrong
But I don’t want to admit it
So I say I am right

Which is not to say thinking
I am right
Is the same as saying
I am right
Are the same thing at all

So I brought you here for a reason
It is like being tied to a cord
And dragged through space
But more thought over time
That’s the equation, thought over time

I have created a narrative
The narrative is based on my fears
I think
But I am not sure I am thinking rightly
Or wrongly

So I say the heck with thinking
I will live in the moment
Write something clever or pull it together
In a clever way
I think

Don’t be afraid to breathe
I think the song goes
A clever way to pull it together
Don’t you think?

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