Saturday, August 15, 2015

CAtching Up.

Catching up!!!!

Hi Blog has been too long since I have been writing here.  It has been a busy summer and there is lots to report.

I have been focusing on the art clothing lately and have been wearing my painted jacket at a series of venues including the Toronto Art Fair and Art Hamptons in NY.  I have found it a great conversation starter and am already planning to wear the clothing at Art Basel in Miami in December.

Recently I did a salon show in NY at the Flatiron Design Center and made a lot of new contacts and met some really interesting people.  I am working to simplify the clothing.  This week I will have a new website for the clothing and will reshoot all the pieces I have created to that end.

Well, I will post a bit more this week to catch up on what is going on and post more pictures.......I keep telling myself that the goal is the adventure, keep positive and creative.

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