Sunday, August 17, 2014


This one is 3 layers.....I started with yellow to establish a ground.  Then I added the red underlayer to bring out elements I saw in the yellow layer.  The third layer was the figure.  I had intended to place the figure on the other side of the image but made a "mistake" - not sure if it is better this way but I kind of like it.

This is the poem I wrote last night..........

When I was five
I said to  myself
What does it mean to be five
Then I ran outside and pretended

I cannot rememeber what I pretended
But I am pretty sure it was fun
And there were other kids
Who pretended with me

Oh yeah now I remember
I was a lion
We played born free
Which was a movie about lions

One guy wanted to be the top lion
Who was a girl lion
I did not get the irony of this then
I was just five

So when I was five
I played being a lion
But also thought about the ramifications
Of pretending

So I kind of missed out being a lion totally
I was only partly a lion
The other part was me
Thinking about why I was a lion

Now I am in my bedroom
Trying to remember
If any of this is real
Or just something that seems like a cool poem

That I can write down
Before I forget it
After thinking it sounded pretty good
When I was five

Or when I was five did I know I would write this
When I was five dozens of times over
Thinking of the moment
When I was no longer a lion

When I was five
I wished I was in space
I wished I was in space

And I was.  

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