Monday, May 19, 2014

The Promised Land

There it is
Just beyond that mountain

And yet here I die
Yes it will be no surprise
I can feel the end

And yet I think of you there
Wind in your hair, staring at the sun

I have wandered so long
Seeking gods will
What he needed of me

And now I realize
Man’s folly, right in front of me
God has no will, only I have will

Which led me on this fruitless search
Through integrity to foolishness
Seeking forgiveness for being myself

And yet the journey had its moments
Clarity and redemption
Salvation and sorrow

God is a dance on the moon
Chance to feel the source
Generations creating power from a distant satellite

Soon I will be no more
Listen children do not waste your time
Time is god, and you are its partner

Now I am dead
I see what is left of me

I see you waiting, still.  

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